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Energy supporters/mentors

Bringing forward the local heroes

Energy Supporters and Mentors are the focal points among the POWERPOOR approach and the energy poor households or interested municipalities. Their relevant experience and motivation are going to make them the trusted advisors aiming at alleviating energy poverty in a local level. They will directly assist households to identify whether they suffer from energy poverty using PowerTarget as well as propose behavior changes and/or low-cost energy efficiency measures, through PowerAct. Utilising PowerFund they will be able to guide interested individuals to be part of innovative financing schemes to make their homes more energy efficient as well as enhance their life conditions all together. The POWERPOOR toolkit can be found here

At a glance

Energy Supporters will engage energy poor citizens enabling them to recognise the issue and providing them with advice on behaviour changes or low cost no regret measures. They will help energy poor citizens plan, secure funding and implement energy efficiency interventions. Energy Mentors will provide support  and expertise in a municipality level working on all the key areas associated with the operation and/or creation of an energy community/cooperative, comprised of energy poor citizens or the set up of a crowdfunding capmaign.

Using the POWERPOOR Toolkit and the knowledge acquired in the trainings and capacity building activities the Energy Supporters and Mentors will be able to provide hands on support to energy poor citizens as well as to municipalities to tackle the phenomenon. 

If you are interested in becoming an Energy Supporter or Mentor, please contact us at info [at]

The first Energy Supporters and Mentors are already working on aleviating energy poverty! You can find a list of the certified Energy Supporters and Mentors in all the POWERPOOR countries here

Benefits for the Energy Supporters and Mentors

When becoming an Energy Supporter of Mentor, you are part of a strong European Network of experts. You get to be part of the POWERPOOR approach aspiring to alleviate energy poverty in a local, national, and European level.

Find out more about the POWERPOOR certification scheme here.

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“Energy Supporters and Mentors are the focal points of the POWERPOOR project.”