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Energy Poverty and Energy Communities' status

In Latvia, on 16/02/2021 an amendmend in the Energy Law was adopted -  the definition of energy poverty was included in the law, also criteria for households to be considered energy poor were included in the law. It is determined in the law that government institutions in their policy planning process and documents shall take into account the number of energy poor households, they must be as priority in the energy efficiency policy measures. According to the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) survey, 22% of Latvia’s population were at risk of poverty in 2016. Only one policy - National energy and climate plan 2030 (NECP2030) addresses energy poverty with measures of reducing energy poverty and ensuring a fair transition. The targets have been set: to reduce proportion of households,which lack  heat in their housing (less than 7.5%), to increase the number of electricity consumers, receiving special  service of the protected user (lower tariff of electricity )  to 160 000 instead of current 80 000. Also condition for reducing energy poverty is included as criteria in energy efficiency improvement  measures of buildings.

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Why Latvia?

Energy Supporters and Mentors in Latvia

POWERPOOR provides to everyone who is interested in alleviating energy poverty the opportunity to become an Energy Supporter and Mentor by taking part in training sessions. The content of the trainings is available in the POWERPOOR Online Trainer Library along with other interesting energy poverty related materials. There are various trainings taking place in the 8 pilot countries and in an EU level. Follow us on social media to find out more about the upcoming ones. 

2 trainings have taken place in Latvia. 47 people got trained and 16 of them followed the certification process and became POWERPOOR Energy Supporters or Mentors. You can find all the POWERPOOR certified Energy Supporters and Mentors here.

Energy Poverty Alleviation Offices in Latvia

In Latvia, 1 Energy Poverty Alleviation Office has been established in Jenlgava. The role of energy poverty alleviation offices can be found here


Other municipalities within the POWERPOOR network

In Latvia 2 municipalities and 1 county are engaged, representing 80 thousand people. The two municipalities are Jelgava city, and Jekabpils city, and the county is Dobele.

Find out some key best practices from implementing the POWERPOOR appoach in Latvia. 


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