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News | 16.12.2020

Energy Communities discuss Energy Communities


POWERPOOR participated in the online workshop "Energy Communities discuss Energy Communities" organised by ELECTRA Εnergy Coop (within the EU project EUCENA) & @inzebORG (within the EU projects CONGREGATE & @POWERPOOR_EU) on 3 of December 2020.  

The workshop included a panel of experts discussing the status quo of energy communities in Greece, the enabling environment, and the relevant policies. The live participation of the attendees let to fruitful discussions leading to taking action in alleviating energy poverty though leveraging energy communities. The dos and don’ts as well as best practices were shared among the attendees.

The three main topics discussed and highlighted in this first online discussion between the representatives of the Energy Communities, the experts and through the comments and questions of the 270 or so participants of the audience were:

  • Ways of financing Energy Communities and the need for financial instruments.
  • The model of (virtual) net metering, how it works and what would be the ideal situation.
  • Imbalance in the representation of men and women in the EU, the need for more female representation and the elimination of any racial discrimination

Thus, this fruitful online debate not only gave the Energy Communities the platform to be heard and presented by highlighting the challenges as well as the plans of the future, but also laid the foundations, and can serve as the kick-off for organisation to take subsequent related actions.